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Living in Beverly Hills

When we think of Beverly Hills, luxury homes, rich celebrities and its zip code- 90210, comes to our mind. The place was made even more popular with a TV series in the 90’s with its name and its zip code as the title. But even before that, Beverly Hills already earned the reputation as the neighborhood for the rich and the famous in the society.

The address has become identifiable with the success of its residents. It may no longer ring the bell as the most luxurious city it was once known for but the elegance and reputation of the name has become a symbol of an opulent neighborhood.

What makes investing in Beverly Hills real estate worth it is its prime location. It is situated near some of the busiest business districts and some of California’s best cities. It is located north of Hollywood, bordered by Westwood in the west, Santa Monica Mountains and West Hollywood in the north and Century City and West L.A. from the south. Its strategic location makes it valuable for financial executives and movie stars to invest in.

Going around Beverly Hills, your eyes will be treated to some of the most beautiful houses in the world.

These houses are a reflection of its grandeur and fame that resounds up to now.  Most of these majestic properties are framed between the symbolic California Palm trees. The lawns of each house are well-kept and the streets are immaculately clean all the time.

On a fine day, it is always a pleasure walking in the Maple Drive. The trunk of many old trees and its canopy provides a shade that is both relaxing and invigorating. From there, you can continue walking to Rodeo Road where you can feast on some of the best restaurants, shop on its finest boutiques, or just hang-out in its equally famous bars. Though enjoying and having fun is not necessarily cheap, the entire city is a fine place to be explored by foot.

The city also offers an exciting lifestyle for people of all ages. It has museums, ballet, symphony, theatres and a golf course.  The kids can go to some of the best schools in entire LA, and some universities are conveniently close by. Beverly Hills High School is the only public high school here where Angelina Jolie and other famous celebrities have attended.